Code of Conduct

International Student Code of Conduct


International students must act in a way that meets the four key school values of Manaakitanga, Sauni, Excellence and Perseverance. See the Aotea College values chart.

International Students enrolled at Aotea College are expected to:

· Attend all lessons unless the absences are justified or approved by the school. This is a condition of the Student Visa issued by Immigration New Zealand.

· Abide by all laws of New Zealand. This includes:

o Not illegally using, purchasing or possessing alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other controlled substances.

o Not engaging in inappropriate physical contact with others.

o Not illegally downloading or sharing digital or any harmful material.

o Not be in paid employment without a relevant visa allowing employment.

· Have no involvement with alcohol, drugs or cigarettes (including vaping) regardless of age.

· Live in school approved accommodation and gain approval for all overnight stays.

· Abide by all guidelines, rules, policies and procedures set out by the International Department

· Abide by all rules of their homestay family including curfews.

· Behave appropriately, take care of safety of self and others.

· Be honest and cooperative with Aotea College staff.

· Maintain academic integrity in all school work, with regard to plagiarism and authenticity in particular.

· Maintain a positive and respectful online presence including social media posts and comments.

· Obtain written permission from parents and Aotea College prior to obtaining any tattoos, piercings or other bodily embellishments.

· Students under 18 are not permitted to use rideshare services, such as Uber or Ola.

· Students must not get married.

Driving in New Zealand

· International students must not own or drive a motor vehicle while enrolled at Aotea College.

· International students must ensure drivers hold a full license before travelling in their vehicle.

Travel and Holidays

All holiday and travel arrangements must be approved by the International Department before bookings are made.

· Students will need to provide all details of accommodation, itinerary, and contact details to the International Department for the approval of any trip.

· Overnight stays, including local stays, can only be in accommodation approved by Aotea College.

· International Students are not allowed to travel independently outside of the Greater Wellington Region while they are enrolled at Aotea College.

· Students may travel with their host families during weekends or school holidays.

· Students may go on an organized tour with a travel company approved by Aotea College during school holidays.

· Trips during term time will not usually be approved, except for school organized trips.

· Participation in extreme sports not covered by the student’s insurance policy will not be approved by Aotea College.

· Students are not permitted to hitchhike while enrolled at Aotea College.

School Values

Aotea College has four key expectations:

● Manaakitanga

● Sauni

● Excellence

● Perseverance

Manaakitanga is a Maori concept which is about caring for, being considerate of,other people.

Sauni is a Samoan word about readiness. Being ready to work, achieve